About ME

Prof. Dr. habil. Dr. rer. nat.

Markus Endres

Researcher, Lecturer, Project leader

University of Applied Sciences Munich

Scalable and Distributed Data Management

        Lothstr. 64 - 80335 Munich - Germany

+49 89 1265 3743


Prof. Dr. Markus Endres is a full professor at the University of Applied Sciences Munich, Germany. His research is between database systems, data and knowledge engineering and artificial intelligence covering intelligent automatic information systems by using efficient, scalable analytical methods on Big Data. He studied mathematics and compter science at the University of Augsburg. In 2011, he receivied his PhD for this work on "Semi-Skylines". From 2011 to 2013 he was a lecturer for mathematics at the University of Applied Sciences Munich. In 2016, he has received his habilitation for his work on "Preference Analytics". From 2019 to 2021 he held the Chair for Digital Libraries and Web Information Systems at the University of Passau, and from 2021 until 2023 he was responsible for the Chair of Data and Knowledge Engineering. Since 2023 he is professor for scalable and distributed data management at the University of Applied Sciences Munich. He co-authored more than 90 peer-reviewed articles and is a reviewer for various national and international conferences, journals and workshops.


  • Big Data Analytics, Data Science, Preference Analytics
  • Scalable Database Systems
  • Data Cleaning, Data Integration
  • Maschine Learning, Neural Networks
  • Data analytics on parallel and distributed databases
  • Processing and analyzing large and complex data
  • Processing data streams, e.g., Copernicus-Satellite-Data
  • Preference Theory, Personalization and Applications
  • Preference-based Database Systems and Search Engines
  • Recommender Systems and Preference Mining
  • PreferenceSQL
  • Intelligent Personalized Information Systems